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Toutes les entreprises en vedette ci-dessous ont des offres de services qui peuvent créer de la valeur pour les entreprises publiques.

10% discount for cash contracts of 6 months or longer for CSE issuers.

Guerilla Capital’s marketing strategies educate online investors on your company’s material developments, facilitates greater awareness and provides widespread dissemination and distribution of your company’s news. 

The Principals of Guerilla Capital (GC) represent the merging of decades of trading, management and communications experience coupled with the highest quality content and social media distribution.

Reciting facts is not enough. Our Guerilla Marketing campaigns take place across all key social media platforms utilizing actionable content that succinctly gets the most exciting aspects of your story across to investors. Strategy, content, and presentation are key. GC has had numerous successes utilizing all three.

CSE listed companies receive 10% off short-term advertising campaigns (3-6 months) and 20% off long-term advertising campaigns (6-12) months.

Hunting Data is a boutique digital advertising firm that creates customized campaigns to meet your needs. Our founding principle is that all companies deserve an opportunity to increase their market visibility, share their story, and capture their market.

Traditional media efforts can be expensive and ineffective. Hunting Data utilizes a different approach. Our founders developed a proprietary methodology that drives maximum impact for clients in a cost-effective way.

We support companies big and small, regardless of industry. Whether you want to capture potential investors or sell your latest product, we can help achieve your goals.

New clients receive a complimentary formal written social media strategy that outlines specific benchmarks and tactics appropriate to the client’s peer group, based on social media and trading data. Set up and security of social accounts is also included.

Sky Alphabet provides corporate issuers with a full range of social media marketing and social media management services for public companies. Every day, we help clients plan and execute social media campaigns designed to be seen by investors on social media. We are not aware of any other firm in North America that has won more corporate social media awards. We are built on 15 years of investor relations and corporate communications experience involving $45 billion worth of capital raised through some of the world's largest IPOs.

20% (discounted fee) on the first retained search project. Our standard fee is 25%-30%

Hunter + Esquire is the premier retained executive search and human capital advisory firm specialized solely in the cannabis and psychedelics industries.

For any 6 month program, Outside The Box Capital will offer a 5-10% cash discount for issuers coming through the CSE's trusted service provider list.

Outside The Box Capital is a marketing and consulting firm based out of Toronto. Our journey began in 2017 in the crypto/blockchain space 2017, where social media, influencers, and videos were crucial to the success of marketing campaigns. After helping companies raise over $2B through 5M+ investors, we took our innovative marketing tactics into traditional equity markets. When we entered the space, we identified a massive void in what marketing companies were offering.

We will provide a 50% discount on all administrative fees for the year. For companies that currently have commercial insurance we can conduct a full insurance program audit.

AlphaRoot is a full service insurance brokerage that focuses exclusively in the cannabis, hemp and psychedelic industries. We work with companies across the entire supply chain, from seed to sale, as well as, ancillary providers. AlphaRoot is the exclusive Cannabis arm of Baldwin Risk Partners (NASDAQ: BRP). BRP has national presence, including over 100 offices in 18 states and over 700,000 clients across the U.S. and internationally.

All CSE clients who engage with GRIT Capital receive a complimentary landing page written in GRIT language to help drive up egagement for your company's story. (Value of $25,000 USD)

GRIT Capital is a financial media company with a platform for all investors to connect, learn and access high-quality investment insights. With nearly 400,000 followers on social media and the #1 Free Finance Newsletter on Substack, GRIT Capital is arming the New Era of Investors with a daily dose of stock and deal insights. Subscribers include hedge funds, investment advisors, billionaires and retail investors across the United States and Canada.

We offer market awareness opportunities for companies looking to connect with the next generation of high value investors.

CSE listed companies can save 10% off our monthly fees. Contact us for further details.

RBL Communications is a full-service investor awareness provider specializing in targeting key financial audiences, stakeholders and potential investors. Through fully-managed, fully-customized programs, RBL engages audiences to showcase your corporate footprint and generate the desired impact to the investment community.

Engage your audience with affordable video content and web hosting solutions. Click link to watch short video for full information on special offer.

Storyboard Communications is revolutionizing how companies share their unique message to tell their story through video content creation and web hosting solutions. At the core of Storyboard Communications is a team of dynamic individuals with a passion for visual storytelling.

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Along with serving many of North America’s leading cannabis cultivators, DCM has over 60 years of experience supporting tightly regulated sectors like healthcare, financial services, and energy.

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