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Toutes les entreprises en vedette ci-dessous ont des offres de services qui peuvent créer de la valeur pour les entreprises publiques.

Alliance Advisors is pleased to offer “Alliance ESG Essentials” exclusive to CSE listed issuers. Included: Disclosure Gap Analysis & Recommendation Roadmap, ESG Benchmarking against peers

Alliance Advisors provides strategic shareholder advisory services to corporate clients across North American and Global Capital Markets.

As a premier proxy solicitation, corporate governance advisory and investor intelligence firm, Alliance Advisors provides our clients with year-round strategic guidance from our highly experienced advisors supported by proprietary shareholder intelligence and technology.

The strategies we apply are designed to best articulate our clients’ position, counter the effects of negative vote recommendations, defend against shareholder activism, and maximize
shareholder support.

10% discount on billable hourly rate for CSE listed companies

Are you facing insolvency, or perhaps insolvent already, out of compliance with your banks, creditors, or The CSE? Do you need to restructure your debt facilities or require refinancing? These have been tough times and we are only seeing the economy get more challenging. The professionals at HMS Commercial can help mitigate risk, and personal liabilities and work with management to put the company back on the right track.

Contact HMS at [email protected] for a free Corporate Analysis of your situation and learn how they can help.

75% Discount on Professional Explainer Videos. $450 for CSE-listed companies. All clients that sign up through the CSE for our Full Investor Awareness Program will qualify for a 10% discount.

Competition for capital is fierce. Investors are looking for great stories that make commercial sense. Our job is to help company executives communicate those stories, streamline their marketing and branding efforts and attract more investors.

We are a full stack digital marketing and IR/PR company. We author, create and publish all marketing assets on behalf of our clients, so that management can get on with their job of running the company. Our team consists of subject experts and seasoned marketing and IR professionals specialised in Mining & Resources, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Batteries & EV Technology.

Get in touch for a free consultation to find out more.

A FREE 30-minute marketing consultation. S&T Marketing will walk you through their 10-point checklist to find out if you’re covering off your marketing fundamentals and make sure your online presence is set up properly.

Stanford & Turner has a rich history of working with public companies and financial institutions to build their online presence and help them own and develop their online traffic. We’ve built a suite of tools, a process, and a deep network that allows us to properly amplify your existing activity, grow awareness, generate leads, and create engagement with potential investors and we do it through your own channels.

10% discount for short-term campaigns (3 months), 20% discount for long-term campaigns (4-12 months)

First Phase bridges the gap between public companies and new investors.

More than a marketing group, we are a boutique agency that goes above & beyond to support your growth every step of the way.

From investor lead generation, to corporate websites and investor materials, to media interviews and publications, we are Canada’s fastest growing capital markets media and marketing agency.

With First Phase, you receive:
- Custom strategies for every client at scale
- Unique leads, interested solely in your company
- Quantifiable investor ROI you can track

4 Town Halls, regularly priced at $14,000 will be offered at $13,000 for CSE listed companies

VID Media, a division of VID Conferences is a full-service media production house and digital marketing group. VID Media gives Issuers a venue to connect and engage with global retail and institutional audience via its core product, VID TOWN HALL FORUMS.

$1,000 off DTC eligibility for any CSE Customer

JWTT Inc. is a full-service Broker-Dealer / Market Maker. We provide the most efficient one-stop solution for Global Cross Border Listings in the U.S. by removing the middleman and by filing and communicating directly with FINRA, DTC and OTC markets. Our team has assisted over 700 issuers, and are experts in DTC Eligibility, FINRA Form 211 Filings and OTCQB/QX Sponsorships if needed.

For 2022, an exclusive annual subscription discount valued at $5,000 USD is available to all companies listed on the CSE.

Socialsuite helps small to medium-sized public companies get started with Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) disclosure by offering an easy-to-use reporting software that operationalizes the globally recognized Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics ESG framework, created by the World Economic Forum.

With support from best-in-class ESG coaches, this approach allows publicly-listed companies that lack large ESG teams to quickly commence ESG reporting and demonstrate ongoing progress.

Over 70 companies across the ASX, NASDAQ, NYSE, and OTC Markets trust Socialsuite to track and disclose the changes they are making to the world. Socialsuite has offices in Canada, Australia & the US.

We will give $5,000 worth of web traffic to companies who sign with us.

Marketing and Advertising in the Financial Vertical

All CSE listed companies will receive a 20% discount on any investor awareness program.

HE Capital Markets is a full-service investor relations firm with a proven track record in helping and assisting Canadian companies optimize visibility in North America and Europe with 2+ million investors. We help build a targeted capital markets program that generates awareness, attracts new investors, and raises the profile of the company.

Our team has been involved in the capital markets for the past 40 years and we have built an extensive network of Brokers, Funds, VC's, Private Equity, HNWI’s, and Family Offices in the US, Canada, and Europe to help connect you with investors.

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