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Sociétés diversifiées

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Ce secteur comprend une grande variété d’émetteurs. Ce groupe comprend notamment des sociétés dans les secteurs des services financiers, de l’immobilier, des médias, et des produits à la consommation et industriels

Eat Well Investment Group Inc. is a diversified investment firm focused on, but not limited to, investing in early stage, high growth companies offering capital appreciation potential. Such investee companies may be private or public companies and there will be no bias to sector based on economic, financial and market conditions. The Company expects its investments will include companies at all stages of development.

AAPKI Ventures Inc. is a diversified industry corporation and seeks investment in various projects and corporations to bring value to its shareholders.

L'activité commerciale principale d'Adaptogenics Health Corp. est la formulation et la distribution de produits à base de champignons fonctionnels et d'alternatives aux suppléments nutritionnels au Canada.

Ambari Brands est une entreprise qui développe des produits à base de CBD et de cannabis.

Aretto Wellness Inc. is a functional superfood company that creates plant-based elixirs - which support immunity, focus and relaxation, and is poised to dominate a segment where demand and sales are growing exponentially. Under the executive leadership with over 100 years of CPG pedigree, Aretto Wellness is launching in North America in Q2 2021 as the company positions itself as a leader in the functional health and wellness industry. Aretto Wellness' superfood elixirs can be found online at 

Chaque bon de souscription permettra à chaque détenteur de bons de souscription, lors de son exercice à tout moment après la date d'émission et avant l'heure d'expiration, d'acquérir une action avec bon de souscription au paiement du prix d'exercice de 0,60 $.

AREV Life Sciences Global Corp. (“AREV”) produces and sells functional ingredients produced via its proprietary extraction systems. These premium ingredients and products are targeted for the natural health, medical, functional food, nutraceutical, sport nutrition markets for both the human and pet market. AREV’s model is to toll process extraction of targeted essential and functional oils and license its formulations to Licensed Producers in Canada.  The company utilizes toll processors in foreign countries to encapsulate and package its formulations that can be sold in traditional distribution channels and online.