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Le secteur de la technologie comprend de sociétés axées sur la technologie dans des domaines tels que le matériel et les logiciels, les applications Web, la microtechnologie, l’ingénierie et la fabrication.

ABOUND specializes in developing scalable, environmentally friendly, long-lasting energy technology. Our patented Zaeras™ long-duration energy storage technology, leveraging zinc-air chemistry, guarantees the storage and on-demand delivery of electricity without the limitations or environmental risks associated with current market leaders. 

Zaeras™ is precision-engineered to meet future energy requirements, with a specific emphasis on simplifying long-duration energy storage. Leveraging the potential of its multi-patented Zaeras™ technology, ABOUND is poised to facilitate the seamless integration of green energy sources into the grid. This is achieved by minimizing curtailment, bridging the gap between supply and demand, and efficiently integrating green energy into the grid. ABOUND's strategic initiatives encompass opportunities for peak demand reduction, leveraging time-of-use arbitrage, participating in value stacking programs, and entering the distributed long-duration energy storage sector. These endeavors are aligned with our central objective of increasing the integration and resiliency of green energy, while stabilizing the grid.

Distinguished by its inherent safety—free from fire or explosion hazards—Zaeras™ guarantees sustained capacity over an extensive lifecycle. Simultaneously, it showcases versatility by independently managing charge and discharge operations. Comparable to other Flow Battery technologies, scaling up the energy capacity of Zaeras™ is as simple as increasing the size of the fuel tank; a cost-effective solution, from kW to MW and kWh to MWh.  A welcome alternative to the fixed power-to-energy ratio constraints ingrained in traditional systems, such as Li-ion and Zinc Hybrid Batteries.

Aether Catalyst Solutions, Inc. s'efforce de réduire considérablement les coûts liés aux catalyseurs pour convertisseurs catalytiques automobiles, tout en respectant ou dépassant les normes d'émission en vigueur. Aether s'efforce de faire progresser rapidement sa technologie grâce au criblage rapide de nouveaux matériaux visant à améliorer les taux de conversion en fin de vie après un vieillissement accéléré. Bien qu'Aether soit principalement spécialisé dans l'automobile, d'autres applications potentielles de cette technologie à faible coût sont également à l'étude.

Aether Global Innovations Corp. (AETH) is an innovative UAV drone management and operations services company that focuses in three areas for critical infrastructure and large public and private facilities.  These three areas include (i) drone management and surveillance monitoring, (ii) automation and integration for flight planning, new, innovative sensor payloads, stand alone power source and (iii) drone base station infrastructure and technology for autonomous self-landing, power charging and takeoff.

AlphaGen Intelligence Corp. (CSE: AIC) (OTC: APETF) (FRA: 9HN0) is a publicly traded company, holding a portfolio of assets in metaverse, gaming and generative AI. Operational units include: Shape Immersive, a full service metaverse studio building the future of web3 gaming and virtual retail experiences for Fortune 500 companies and beyond through 3D, NFT, XR and game production; MANA, a custom-built SaaS solution and innovation lab that empowers partner companies to level up their community engagement by launching their own gaming platforms; GamerzArena, a gaming platform that provides an esports ecosystem for all gamers. The platform provides video game contests for top titles where gamers can compete for cash and prizes. Alpha clients and partners include RTFKT, Olympics, Star Altas, Red Bull, Intel, TED and more. Learn more at:

American Aires Inc. is a Canadian-based nanotechnology company committed to enhancing personal well-being and environmental safety through science-led innovation, education, and advocacy. The company has developed, proved and commercialized proprietary silicon-based microchips that neutralize the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Aires' Lifetune products target EMR emitted by consumer electronic devices such as cellphones, computers, EVs, and Wi-Fi, including the more powerful and rapidly expanding high-speed 5G networks. Aires is listed on the CSE under the ticker 'WIFI' and on the OTC QB under the symbol 'AAIRF'.

La société est une société d'exploration minière axée sur l'acquisition, l'exploration et le développement de propriétés minières. L'entreprise est basée à Vancouver, en Colombie-Britannique.

AMPD se spécialise dans la fourniture de solutions cloud et de calcul haute performance pour des applications à faible latence, y compris les jeux vidéo et eSports, l'animation numérique et les effets visuels, ainsi que la collecte, l'analyse et la visualisation de big data.

Anonymous Intelligence Company Inc. est une société leader dans les réseaux décentralisés, l'intelligence informatique et la technologie de stockage de données, axée sur l'exploitation de ses produits technologiques propriétaires Web 3.0 pour permettre le mouvement décentralisé parmi les consommateurs et les entreprises. Le Web 3.0 permet un monde durable où les utilisateurs et les machines décentralisés peuvent interagir avec les données, la valeur et d'autres contreparties via un substrat de réseaux peer-to-peer sans avoir besoin de tiers, créant de nombreux avantages tels que donner à chaque utilisateur un contrôle et une propriété complets de toutes les données personnelles et d'entreprise.

ApartmentLove Inc. (CSE: APLV) is a leading provider of online rental marketing services to property owners, renters, and vacationers in more than 30-countries.  Having proven its ability to scale as a fast-growing "PropTech" in today’s complex and dynamic market environments, ApartmentLove is actioning its growth through acquisition program by purchasing complementing businesses that have many monthly active users, a history of recurring revenues, positive cashflows, and custom technologies that both accelerate and destress the renting experience, while simultaneously advancing its own organic growth strategies in key markets around the world.