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The Canadian Securities Exchange began operations in 2003 to provide a modern and efficient alternative for companies looking to access the Canadian public capital markets.   The operating company, CNSX Markets Inc., was recognized by the Ontario Securities Commission as a stock exchange in 2004.

Designed to meet the needs of emerging companies and their investors, CSE has grown continuously and now lists more than 600 equities.

In September 2007, the exchange launched the first continuous auction market to trade securities listed on other Canadian stock exchanges. The new facility introduced a high capacity, low latency trading environment combined with an attractive fee structure that enabled the Canadian trading community to use advanced trading technologies to their full advantage, while delivering cost savings enhancing the competitiveness of the Canadian markets.

Following the completion of "Project One" on December 2, 2013 CSE listed symbols and stocks listed on other Canadian exchanges are now being traded on a single system at the CSE.

Part 10 of National Instrument 21-101 Marketplace Operation requires that each marketplace, whether an exchange, ATS, or quotation and trade reporting system, include disclosure on its website that is reasonably necessary to enable a person or company to understand the marketplace’s operations or services it provides. The index below lists the relevant topics, and provides a link to the page on which the information may be found.

A) Fees

All fees, including any listing, trading, data, co-location and routing fees charged by the marketplace, an affiliate or by a party to which services have directly or indirectly been outsourced or which directly or indirectly provides those services.
Market Data
Co-location - CNSX Markets does not offer co-location services
Routing Fees
Interlisted Securities with US Exchanges

B) Order entry and Execution

How orders are entered, interact and execute.

Order Types and Functionality

C) All Order Types

Order Types and Functionality
Trade Cancellation and Correction Policy

D) Access Requirements

Become a CSE Dealer and Connectivity Access

E) Conflicts of Interest

The policies and procedures that identify and manage any conflicts of interest arising from the operation of the marketplace or the services it provides.

F) Referral Arrangements

Referral arrangements between the marketplace and service providers (Not applicable to CNSX Markets Inc.)

G) Routing Decisions

If routing is offered, how routing decisions are made

Order routing

H) Indications of Interest

If indications of interest are disseminated, the information disseminated and the types of recipients of such indications of interest. (Not applicable to CNSX Markets Inc.

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