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The CSE Smart Order Router (SOR) is a scalable solution that allows users to configure routing preferences by firm, group or user. Router settings can be managed in real time, and users are given a full spectrum of routing capability from basic- designed to meet regulatory best price obligations to dynamic – allowing the user to customize routes for given trading objectives. The CSE router employs liquidity sweeping technology that connects its users to all Canadian exchanges and ATSs.


Orders received by CSE SOR which are routed to another marketplace for execution in fulfillment of the Order Protection Rule obligation: No Charge1
Orders directed to, and executed on, a marketplace other than the CSE: $0.0001CAD per share2

1. Client is responsible for any execution fees imposed by the trading venue executing the trade.
2. For debentures and notes, the value traded for the debenture or note must be divided by the face value (usually $1000) of the instrument to achieve equivalency with a share.

For more information regarding the CSE SOR, please email [email protected]

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