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L'intelligence d'entreprise, Services financiers, Foreign Market Access, Media and Communications, Gouvernance et conformité, Relations avec les investisseurs, Comptabilité

Drawing from our extensive knowledge and experience with private and public companies, we provide customizable solutions allowing you the time to focus on your business while we focus on your corporate needs. 


Our offerings include:

  • Corporate secretarial, governance & board management, corporate & regulatory filings
  • Company administration, HR, fractional executive assistant services
  • Finance, accounting & bookkeeping 
  • Marketing, communications, and investor relations
  • Listing advisory services, including IPO, RTO, escrow, and ancillary solutions

Grove also operates two platforms – OTC Advisory Services and AGM Connect.


OTC Advisory Services is Canada’s largest source of new listings to the OTCQB & OTCQX markets. OTCAS manages the entire process of listing foreign private Issuers, including Form 211, OTC Markets Application, DTC eligibility, and Sponsor Letter of Introduction. 


AGM Connect is Canada’s leading full-service virtual investor meeting platform. We offer a virtual meeting ‘add-on’ to your existing AGM plans or can provide the most cost-effective option to plan and execute your entire AGM process, including data & materials preparation, printing, postage, voting & meeting management, and related regulatory filings – all in a single quote.  


For the CSE-listed companies, AGM Connect will guarantee the lowest all-in cost to complete your entire shareholder meeting process.