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Deals to boost investor participation: 1) 6-month Growth Marketing: setup fee waived ($10K+ value) 2) 12-month Social Media Management: 1st month free ($1.5K value) 3) Brand Development: free logo design with website refresh ($5K+ value)
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Media and Communications

enPercept is a leading marketing agency focused on driving investor awareness for publicly traded companies. We amplify messaging within the investment community, using cutting edge growth marketing techniques and proven expertise to engineer brand development.

What we do?

Growth Marketing: our proven content expertise, story-telling, engaging landing pages and highly targeted distribution fosters incremental share price appreciation over time, within a narrow band of volatility.

Brand/Web development and Social Media Management: Our expert designers and developers create eye-catching, compelling content, positioning you as a thought leader in front of potential investors.

How we do it?

1. Compelling content creation: Our skilled team of writers and designers produce engaging and informative content that resonates with your target audience.
2. Distribution networks: We leverage our extensive network of industry connections to maximize the reach of your campaigns.
3. Interactive landing page journeys: We design immersive landing pages that guide visitors through a captivating story, increasing conversion rates.
4. Investor management CRM: Our robust CRM system streamlines investor communication and management, helping you cultivate and maintain valuable relationships.
5. Strong conversion strategies: We employ data-driven tactics to optimize your campaigns for maximum conversions.
6. Analytics and reporting: We provide in-depth insights and analysis to inform your decision-making and ensure the success of your marketing initiatives.