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Notice 2015-007 - CSE Market Maker Fee Schedule

October 2, 2015

The Canadian Securities Exchange is pleased to announce Market Maker fees to take effect on October 5, 2015.  

For TSX listed Designated Securities*, Market Makers with monthly volumes on the CSE equal to or greater than 1 million shares will be entitled to a 2 mil discount on the passive side of the trade. 

The complete Market Maker fee schedule effective October 5, 2015 is as follows:


Active Fee/Rebate

Passive Fee/Rebate

TSX listed securities equal to or greater than $1.00



TSX listed Designated Securities

(monthly volume in assigned securities >= 1 million shares)



TSX listed Designated Securities

(monthly volume in assigned securities <1 million shares)



TSX listed securities trading  less than $1.00



CSE listed and TSX-V listed securities



*Designated Securities: As announced in Notice 2015-005 TSX listed securities with a price per share of $1.00 or higher that trade more than 1 million shares a day on average in H1 or H2.  A notice will be issued in June and December each year identifying the Designated Securities.  The list of Designated Securities will be determined by the CSE and made available on the CSE website.

The fees and rebates described above are subject to change.

 For further information, please email [email protected] or call 416.367.7347.
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