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Canadian Securities Exchange Reports July 2021 Performance Figures and Listing Milestone

August 11, 2021 – Toronto, ON – The Canadian Securities Exchange ("CSE" or "the Exchange") today announced its market statistics for the month of July 2021 and a new milestone in its corporate listings growth, which continues to lead all Canada-based stock exchanges.

July 2021 Operating Statistics

  • Trading volume of CSE-listed securities totaled 2.3 billion shares;
  • Trading value of CSE-listed securities was $1.7 billion;
  • CSE issuers completed 73 financings that raised $261 million;
  • There were 18 new listings, bringing total listed securities to 696 as at July 31, 2021; and
  • The aggregate market value of CSE issuers was $59.4 billion as at July 31, 2021, compared to $42.1 billion at year-end 2020.

"July was another highly positive month for the Canadian Securities Exchange. Despite being firmly in the 'dog days of summer,' our trading volume declined only slightly from the solid levels we saw in the spring, while financing numbers remained consistent with the spring figures," said Richard Carleton, CSE Chief Executive Officer. "The financing results for July highlight the increasing diversity of our issuers. The biggest deal was completed by Peak Fintech Group, which is involved in China's commercial lending sector. Cannabis issuers, which comprise most of our largest listings, collected 12% of the total capital raised by CSE issuers during the month."

"We are also proud to announce that we achieved an impressive listing milestone this week: We now have 700 active CSE listings. It took us scarcely more than a year to jump from 600 to 700 listings, and our growth trajectory remains very strong. We are pleased that so many entrepreneurs are recognizing that the CSE offers their companies the best opportunity to achieve their capital market objectives."

New Listings in July 2021

Plank Ventures Ltd. (PLNK)
Quebec Nickel Corp. (QNI)
Sprout AI Inc. (SPRT)
Ionic Brands Corp. Warrants (IONC)
Yumy Bear Goods Inc. (YUMY)
Choom Holdings Inc. Warrants (CHOO.WT)
Burrell Resources Inc. (BURY)
Hempsana Holdings Ltd. (HMPS)
Prospect Park Capital Corp. (PPK)
Aquarius AI Inc. (AQUA)
Royal Wins Corporation (SKLL)
Levitee Labs Inc. (LVT)
Cirrus Gold Corp. (CI)
Zoglo's Incredible Food Corp. (ZOG)
Peak Fintech Group Inc. Warrants (PKK.WT)
Emperor Metals Inc. (AUOZ)
Humble & Fume Inc. Warrants (HMBL.WT)
XRApplied Technologies Inc. (XRA)

About the Canadian Securities Exchange:

The Canadian Securities Exchange is a rapidly growing stock exchange focused on working with entrepreneurs to access the public capital markets in Canada and internationally. The Exchange's efficient operating model, advanced technology and low fee structure help companies of all sizes minimize their cost of capital and maximize access to liquidity.
The CSE offers investors in Canada and abroad access to a multi-sector collection of growth companies through a liquid, reliable and highly regulated trading platform. The Exchange is dedicated to entrepreneurship and has established itself as a leading hub for discourse in the entrepreneurial community.


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