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Le secteur de la technologie comprend de sociétés axées sur la technologie dans des domaines tels que le matériel et les logiciels, les applications Web, la microtechnologie, l’ingénierie et la fabrication.

Headquartered in Kelowna B.C, Veji is a unified digital marketplace and fulfillment platform featuring thousands of plant-based and sustainable-living products from a growing list of hundreds of vendors. The platform offers an easy-to-use, omni-channel experience for both vendors and buyers, leveraging big data and artificial intelligence to elegantly connect brands with a targeted consumer base, both organically and through specialized marketing programs. Dynamic fulfillment services empower brands to offer tier-one service, with ongoing engagement being driven through features like smart lists, subscription programs, reordering functions, sampling programs, and more. The Company also owns and operates Veg Essentials LLC. (“” or “Vegan Essentials”), located in the United States, along with more than 20 years of consumer insight, data, and buying power. As a staple of the plant-based community, Vegan Essentials was established in 1997.


Victory Square Technologies (VST) is an accelerator with 20+ portfolio companies focused on emerging technologies such as: Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and VR/AR. It has a proven process for identifying and investing in extraordinary start-ups which are working on innovative and disruptive projects in every sector of the global economy, including Finance, Health, Real Estate, Insurance, Mobile Gaming, Film, Esports, Cannabis, Sports Betting and Education. Victory Square uses its expertise and resources to help grow and scale these portfolio companies, which results in significant returns for VST and its shareholders. 


VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp. (VSBLTY) a son siège à Philadelphie. Proactive Digital Display ™ de VSBLTY transforme les espaces commerciaux et publics ainsi que les réseaux multimédias locaux avec un logiciel de mesure d'audience et de sécurité basé sur SaaS, utilisant l'intelligence artificielle et l'apprentissage automatique.

Each Warrant shall entitle each Warrantholder thereof, upon exercise at any time after the Issue Date and prior to the Expiry Time, to acquire one (1) Share upon payment of the Exercise Price of $0.50.

See the Warrant Indenture for full details.

Chaque bon de souscription permettra à chaque porteur de bons de souscription, lors de l'exercice à tout moment après la date d'émission et avant l'heure d'expiration, d'acquérir une (1) action sur paiement du prix d'exercice de 0,65 $.

X1 Entertainment Group Inc. is a portfolio company that has targeted assets across the gaming, esports, media, and entertainment industries based in Vancouver, BC.

Xigem is positioned to become a leading technology provider for the emerging near trillion-dollar digital economy, with patented and proprietary software capable of improving the capacity, productivity, and overall operations for businesses, consumers, and other organizations. iAgent, the Company’s patented SaaS based CRM platform and FOOi, its proprietary peer-to-peer mobile payments app are intended to provide organizations, businesses, and consumers with the tools necessary to thrive in a vast array of digital working, learning and treatment environments, while the Company looks to aggregate a portfolio of innovative technologies capable of disrupting traditional business models.

XR Immersive Tech is building the worlds first Location-based Metaverse Platform for the out-of-home entertainment industry. 

Since 2016 the Company has been an industry leader in Social Entertainment, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) entertainment attractions. With its Hardware Platform UNCONTAINED, its Software Platform Uncontained/OS and its growing network of over 300 VR operators through Synthesis VR, the company helps its stakeholders build user experiences unmatched in realism, depth and immersion. 

The company builds experiences on its platforms for some of the world's largest companies including: Intel, Bayer, Capital One, Scotia Bank, the US Food and Drug Administration, Allegiant Airlines and more.

XRA est un fournisseur de solutions technologiques immersives spécialisé dans la fourniture d'applications de commerce électronique AR/VR rentables aux entreprises, grandes et petites. Nous y parvenons grâce à une suite de produits et services exclusifs (catalogue AR, gamification de jouets, commerce électronique d'applications AR, jeux interactifs AR/VR) que nous proposons au grand public via notre plate-forme marketing exclusive XRA.

XTM est une entreprise de Toronto Fintech, un émetteur mondial de cartes, un spécialiste des paiements et une entreprise de solutions marketing. XTM présente et intègre les marques à leur propre écosystème de paiement, créant de nouveaux revenus et de nouvelles opportunités. Bénéficiant d'une position unique pour concevoir et exécuter des programmes innovants, XTM génère de la valeur pour l'entreprise et crée une expérience utilisateur positive. Pour plus d'informations, veuillez visiter