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Consulting, Media and Communications

There’s no question that you know best what your company does.
But in this age of noise and fast communication, you want to grab your audience's attention and make them stop for a second.

At Yellow Bricks we help companies create and sharpen their business story and their on-stage presentation, in order to draw the right leads and leave a strong mark.

We offer strategic marketing consulting as well as practical workshops that focus on content, marketing and business development. The workshops can be delivered to small teams, homogeneous (sales, marketing and content teams) or heterogeneous (cross company workshops), and off site events.

Our flagship workshops are:

"What’s the story with Storytelling?" The tools to turn your employees into brand ambassadors,

"Warming Cold Outreach" will teach your sales team how to compose a cold email that will open up doors,
"Ace Your Meetings" will upgrade your managers’ performance in business meetings,

And "Your Best Lecture" will walk you through building a professional and captivating lecture and presentation.