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Lynx Global Digital Finance Corporation

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Since inception, LYNX (formerly CannaOne Technologies Inc.) has focused on development and deployment of its proprietary online marketplace platform. Integral to the true intent and directive of the long-term planning of these development efforts was an early-stage technology agreement to allow for integration of a payment and financial technology platform to facilitate merchant sales within its online platform. As such, since March 2017 the company has worked closely with payment technology providers in South East Asia, to ascertain the pathways to the greatest potential for future growth in the world's fastest growing digital payment markets. With the existence of ever-evolving international relationships with parties specifically focused on the facilitation of payment processing and bank acquiring infrastructure, the Company sees potential to increase revenue over time with the continued integration and utilization of complete payment processing capabilities within our online marketplace solutions. The Company will look to expand its online client portfolio to include additional business sectors, such as those to service the payment processing requirements of e-commerce providers most effectively.


LYNX seeks to become a global leader in financial technology, solutions, and services for merchants as it works hand in hand with select niche banking partners. LYNX intends to integrate PCI certified payment solutions with its proprietary and proven online marketplace technology platform to offer a truly comprehensive suite of products and services to serve B-to-B merchant clientele. The Company has targeted banking relationships outside of North America, (specifically in SE Asia), and by working with selected banking or licensed EMI partners, our solutions may include merchant acquiring solutions; integrated payment solutions; global eCommerce solutions; core processing and ancillary applications solutions; digital and online marketplace solutions, including internet, mobile and eBanking; fraud, risk management and compliance solutions; electronic funds transfer and network services solutions; and/or card and online retail payment solutions. The Company is focused on organic growth while investigating potential strategic acquisitions, that may contribute critical technology applications, services and immediate revenue streams that can complement or enhance our existing offerings and potentially increase or expedite our path to future profitability. While LYNX believes that significant near-term opportunities exist for the Company's solutions, there can be no assurance that customer agreements will be reached or that such agreements will be profitable should they be implemented.

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Lynx Global Digital Finance Corporation (LYNX)

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303 - 595 Howe Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 2T5
[email protected]
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Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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National Securities Administrators Ltd.
DMCL Chartered Professional Accountants


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Company Officers

Michael Penner , President/Chief Executive Officer
Christopher Cherry, Chief Financial Officer, Secretary, Director
Solomon Riby-Williams, Director
Christopher Aldaba, Director and President, Asia



2024-0626 - Delist - Lynx Global Digital Finance Corporation (LYNX)

le juin 21/June 2024

The common shares of Lynx Global Digital Finance Corporation will be delisted from the CSE at market close today, June 21, 2024.

Lynx Global Digital Finance Corporation is currently suspended. See Bulletin 2022-0506.