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The Life Sciences sector includes companies involved in biopharmaceuticals, medical manufacturing and distribution, and bio products.

Life sciences companies listed on CSE

Cannibble is an innovative food tech company that develops food and beverage products variously enhanced with alternative proteins.

Cannibble has developed proprietary powder-based formulas for food and beverage products targeted for the "Better-for-You" segment.

The products are sugar free, dairy free, plant based, non-GMO, keto friendly, low carbs and marketed under Cannibble's brand name "The Pelicann™". 

The company's portfolio also includes the marketing of gluten-free products under the brand name "Eshbal du Barili" free living

and other unique food items  for the better-for-you segment.

For more information about Cannibble and its business, visit 

Canntab Therapeutics Limited is a Canadian cannabis oral dosage formulation company based in Markham Ontario, engaged in the research and development of advanced pharmaceutical grade formulations of cannabinoids. Canntab has developed in-house technology to deliver standardized medical cannabis extract from selective strains in a variety of extended/sustained release pharmaceutical dosages for therapeutic use. Simply put, Canntab's mission is to put the "Medical" into medicinal cannabis.

Cansortium Inc. is a vertically-integrated cannabis company with licenses and operations in Florida, Pennsylvania and Texas. The Company operates under the Fluent™ brand and is dedicated to being one of the highest quality cannabis companies for the communities it serves. This is driven by Cansortium's unrelenting commitment to operational excellence in cultivation, production, distribution and retail. The Company is headquartered in Tampa, Florida.  For more information please visit

Investor Note: In addition to the 273,602,727 Common Shares that are listed and trading, there are 2,592,664 Proportionate Voting Shares, convertible into Common Shares at a ratio of 1:10, that are issued and outstanding but not listed. The total number of issued shares, assuming all are converted into the listed class, would be 299,529,367.

The business of the Issuer is the development of non-alcoholic beverages and the generation of retail sales.

ChitogenX Inc. is an emerging Orthobiologics company dedicated to the development of novel therapeutic soft tissue repair technologies to dramatically improve the success rate of sports medicine surgeries.

The Company’s primary business currently consists of the development of its bank of proprietary outdoor genetics, growing, harvesting and processing of cannabis biomass and the sale of cannabis oil, distillate and isolate.   The Company has a Standard Cultivation License and corresponding processing/sales amendment from Health Canada, a Research and Development License from Health Canada, and is also positioned to provide consulting services to Health Canada applicants and businesses licensed by Health Canada, including outdoor cultivation and extraction companies. As a means to this end, the Company has developed a significant land position for its own outdoor cultivation, the development of genetic material, testing and third-party cultivation.

The Issuer is in the business of cannabis cultivation, production and dispensaries. The Issuer also has a patented proprietary method of extracting various cannabinoids from the marijuana plant and converting them into products with a higher level of quality and consistency.

Cognetivity Neurosciences Ltd. is a technology company developing a cognitive testing platform, the Integrated Cognitive Assessment (ICA) for use in medical and commercial environments. Cognetivity’s ICA uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning techniques to help detect the earliest signs of impairment by testing the performance of large areas of the brain, potentially allowing early diagnosis of dementia. Cognetivity aims to develop the ICA through planned clinical studies to the market in North America and Europe.

CordovaCann Corp. (the “Company” or “CordovaCann”) is a Canadian-domiciled company focused on building a leading, diversified cannabis products business across multiple jurisdictions including Canada and the United States. CordovaCann primarily provides services and investment capital to the processing, production and retail vertical markets of the cannabis industry. 

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