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The Life Sciences sector includes companies involved in biopharmaceuticals, medical manufacturing and distribution, and bio products.

Life sciences companies listed on CSE

Vertical Peak Holdings Inc. is focused on developing and manufacturing branded products in the cannabis industry with a specific focus on flower, pre-rolls, vapes, edibles and oil extracts for medical and adult recreational use. Vertical Peak operates and controls licenses in California, which include manufacturing, retail and cultivation operations in California. Vertical Peak's main portfolio includes the OutCo and Thrive brands that it has acquired in 2021 pursuant to the acquisition of business of OutCo.

Vext Science, Inc. is a U.S.-based cannabis operator with vertical operations in Arizona and Ohio*. Vext's expertise spans from cultivation through to retail operations in its key markets. Based out of Arizona, Vext owns and operates state-of-the-art cultivation facilities, fully built-out manufacturing facilities as well as dispensaries in both Arizona and Ohio. The Company manufactures Vapen™, one of the leading THC concentrates, edibles, and distillate cartridge brands in Arizona. Its selection of award-winning products are created with Vext's in-house, high-quality flower and distributed across Arizona and Ohio, as well as through Vext's partnerships in other states. Vext's leadership team brings a proven track record of building and operating profitable multi-state operations, with the Company having operated profitably since 2016. The Company's primary focus is to continue growing in its core states of Arizona and Ohio, bringing together cutting-edge science, manufacturing, and marketing to provide a reliable and valuable customer experience while generating shareholder value.                                                                      


*Vext has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Appalachian Pharm Processing, LLC, an Ohio limited liability company, together with its subsidiaries and affiliated companies. Subject to regulatory approval, this proposed acquisition (the "Ohio Acquisition") is expected to close by the end of the third quarter of 2023.

Vibe is a vertically integrated cannabis company whose mission is to become a dominant California cannabis retailer and multi-state operator. The Company delivers exceptional retail experiences with its ‘Vibe by California’ brand and ethos, premier cultivation product, and high-efficiency delivery and distribution. The Company’s management team brings expertise in retail, cannabis cultivation, and mergers and acquisitions to support its U.S. expansion through accretive acquisitions and organic growth.

Wesana Health is an emerging life sciences company championing the development and delivery of psychedelic and naturally-sourced therapies to treat traumatic brain injury (TBI). Through extensive clinical research and academic partnerships, Wesana Health is developing evidence-based formulations and protocols that empower patients to overcome neurological, psychological and mental health ailments caused by trauma.

Investor Note: In addition to the 20,633,772 Subordinate Voting Shares that are listed and trading, there are 14,324,200 shares reserved specifically for issuance pursuant to the conversion rights attached to the Super Voting Shares and Multiple Voting Shares that are issued and outstanding but not listed.  The total number of equity shares assuming all are converted into the listed class would be 34,957,972.  

West Island Brands Inc. is a Canadian publicly traded company focused on the Canadian Cannabis sector. West Island's RoyalMax Biotechnology Canada Inc. d.b.a West Island Culture is a Montreal based Health Canada licence holder situated on Montreal’s west island. West Island is currently offering the OUEST brand of premium cannabis and the more moderately priced CITOYEN brand in multiple provinces. The focus is on craft quality and at an attractive price point. In addition to cultivating and marketing cannabis, West Island is expanding into alternative cannabis delivery systems including concentrates and proprietary topical creams using a mineral clay suspension technology which would provide a time released delivery.  West Island also offers contract packaging for other licence holders.

WPD Pharmaceuticals is a biotechnology research and development company. The Company operates in the pharmaceuticals industry with a focus on oncology, namely research and development of medicinal products involving biological compounds and small molecules. The Issuer is developing drugs which were researched at institutions including MD Anderson Cancer Center, Mayo Clinic and Emory University, and has ongoing collaborations with Wake Forest University and leading hospitals and academic centers in Poland.

Xebra Brands Ltd. is an international cannabis cultivation and product company with global brands and intellectual property. Xebra’s products range from wellness to leisure, and include beverages.

Through its subsidiaries in China, Japan and the United States, Yooma intends to leverage the success and experience of its senior management and board of directors to build Yooma's business into a global leader in the marketing, distribution and sale of wellness products including hemp seed oil and hemp-derived and cannabinoid (CBD) products through strategically curated network of sales channels. Yooma has assembled a strong international team of multicultural industry professionals with extensive experience in digital marketing, ecommerce and social media in EU, North America, and the pan-Asian region with particular depth in the Chinese ecommerce market.

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